The first two months in the country

Well, the first two months passed quickly and loaded lots of work… After completion of an annual working-plan for the public relation activities of the DED in Central Asia the first urgent measure had to be taken. The website was set up, the concept of an information brochure about the German Development Cooperation in Tajikistan has been elaborated and approved by all stakeholders, project appraisals had to be organized, an information brochure on Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for the future arriving experts has been written and produced and much more has been done, so there was only some little space to precisely continue my blog. But a lot of things happened, though. The most important: the winter has gone and the sun melts the last remaining snow-pits in the mountains. The formerly brown and grey foothills around
Dushanbe turn to be light green with little yellow dots and big pink-blossoming trees on it. Now it’s time to warm up the cold bones from the winter (we had once -10 degrees in the city and limited heating only).

I have changed my former accommodation, though quite comfortable but pretty expensive. I share a flat with Paul – an Australian, working with ORA /
Germany – and enjoy once more the feeling of flat sharing. The style is not that luxurious, but it covers the basic needs.

While working long hours during the week, it’s nice to enjoy skiing facilities in Takob, close to the city. Only 60km by car, we use the last remaining ski-lift of
Tajikistan on 2500m altitude to go down by snowboard and ski.

Der Frühling kommt...


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    […] Alternatively, go to Tajikistan if you can find a way of neutralising the flight – apparently there’s plenty of snow there. Here’s a link to a blog that shows some beautiful places – try it! […]

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